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Ben consistantly earns 5 star ratings on Angies List and Service Magic. 
Read just some of the wonderful comments his clients have made!!
"Very professional inspection and color photos. Most roofers used the inspection as a base for their quotes rather than performing another inspection. Kept the price for preventive maintenance very low. I expected to pay $3K+, actual spent $600."
John F
Portland OR
July 19.2010
"easy to work with and on time as promised.. good work"
Andy L
Portland OR
January 12, 2010
Mr. Tester arrived promptly (before we did). He inspected each room, and tested all functions, electrical, water supply, plumbing, doors, windows, roofing, appliances, etc. After his review of the home and testing, he spent about an hour with us going through each room pointing out the items that would eventually be in a written report and was also an opportunity for us to ask questions. The end result of the inspection was a report of about 40 pages with about 160 photos to document the good points of the home, things that needed repair, and anticipated life of some of the appliances (furnace, hot water heater). We appreciated the thorough inspection with the detail provided in both the walk-through and written report.
October 04, 2009
Testimonial from Angies List
"The Home Tester was very professional and thorough. He spent a lot of time with us after the inspection explaining all of the work he did, and what was good and bad about the house. I would definitely recommend The Home Tester to future clients"
Ben W
Aloha OR
July 25, 2009

I am a broker , Ben has done two inspections for me. He is one of the best. Very very thorough . He arrive early and checks the outside. Then when you arrive he check the inside including under the house and in the attic. The report is very detailed and has the urgent items in red.

Testimonial from Angies List

July 15, 2009

"Mr. Tester was extremely helpful. I feel much more confident in hiring a roofer now that we know exactly what needs to be done. He was very thorough and I felt like he had our best interest in mind. Thank you, Ben, that was money well spent."
Karen B
Dayton OR
July 1, 2009

Ben did an incredibly thorough job on our home inspection. We are first time home buyers and this was our first real offer on a house. Ben went about his business and kept his comments until the end, taking a total of about 2 hours to complete the inspection. The most impressive thing was his final written report which was close to 50 pages long! The report included detailed photos and was provided within 24 hours of the inspection, as promised. He was tough but fair, just what you want in a home inspector as a buyer. I wouldn't even consider another inspector in the future. Best of all, we bought the house!

Testimonial from Angies List

April 27, 2009

"Ben was excellent to work with! He was able to fit my close time table, showed up exactly when he promised, was extremely thorough, and did a great job of explaining things to me. The report he put together was very explicit, so no one had any questions regarding his findings. I would absolutely recommend him!"
Susan T
Salem OR
August 21, 2007
Barbara Z
Portland OR
December 15, 2004
"Ben was very helpful and provided quick service."
Portland OR

"He was prompt and very professional. He was thorough and had a written report to us right away. He was also friendly which made it easy for us to ask questions. I would definitly recomend him."
Portland, OR
"Very professional, very helpful. Will definitely use them again"
Portland OR
"Excellent in all he does. He is fabulous. He is on time for the work, professional, really explains what he is doing and lets the customer know what he has found. He really knows what he is doing."